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We have a winner!

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As we celebrate St. Thomas‘s old-calendar feast day, we are blessed to have at hand an authentic relic of the Angelic Doctor.   This little bit of bone was there in the room when he wrote his great summae, when he taught at the university, and when he saw our Lord in a vision.   This little bone has come down to us as a treasure, a source of blessing from a great saint.

But St. Thomas left behind him something far more important than chips of bone.   Through the mysterious medium of ink and paper, he left us something of his soul.   It gives us great joy to celebrate St. Thomas‘s feast day by giving away a complete set of his Opera Omnia, everything he wrote in 56 hardbound volumes of parallel Latin and English.

And the winner is … Wil Charles of North Carolina!

Wil is a community college student in North Carolina.   After his graduation, he plans to transfer to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and major in philosophy.   “Thomas Aquinas has increasingly drawn me over the years,” Wil writes. “I love the depth, seriousness, rigor, and precision that marks his work in philosophy and theology.” But Aquinas‘s life of consecrated celibacy, famously sealed by his vision of an angel, also drew Wil‘s interest. The great Doctor‘s life witnessed to the fact that his intellectual work was all about the mystery of the triune God and the means of communing with each person of the Trinity.

Having followed the Aquinas Institute for some time, Wil saw our advertisement about an Opera Omnia   give-away and donated $150.   The 92nd dollar was the winning entry.  Congratulations Wil—and thanks to all who made this a successful event!

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