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Ukrainian Aid Update

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Thank you for your donations and for sharing the initial post about sending money to help Ukrainian refugees. It has been a busy and fruitful week, and all the money we have received so far has been sent. Fr. Yuriy Kolasa, the Vicar General for Eastern Rite Churches in Vienna, wrote to express his thanks. He noted that there are many large organizations giving aid to the millions of refugees both inside and outside of Ukraine, and this is very good. However, Fr. Kolasa was particularly concerned about the poor and elderly in Ukraine who have no one to care for them. We have seen videos of parents helping grandparents and children escape places of war, but there are also many poor and elderly people who are alone and in great need.

While Fr. Kolasa was in Lviv, he started a community of young Christian families. He is asking the families in that community to find the elderly and the displaced poor families with children who are coming from the east toward Lviv. The aim is to immediately provide food, water, medicine, or whatever is crucial for them right now.

As Americans who are accustomed to being able to do something, we at the Aquinas Institute are feeling particularly helpless right now while are friends in Ukraine, Poland, Austria, etc., and using their resources to help the people right in front of them. We have made a few more connections with people in and near Ukraine, and we will be sharing their stories and needs.

If you would like to be on the mailing list to receive updates about our activities to help Ukrainian refugees, please subscribe to our mailing list. There is also a donation page there to accept donations for the causes that will be listed on that website.

We will post one more update here on the Aquinas Institute website before moving exclusively to updates from the new website.

Please share this post, and donate if you can.

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