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One week until the winner is announced….

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As we continue translating and editing St. Thomas‘s commentary on the Sentences of Peter Lombard, we keep finding nuggets from the Angelic Doctor we would like to share.   Ash Wednesday especially brings this one to mind:

Christ did not fast as though he himself needed a fast, but to prepare us by his example for receiving his grace.   …But a fast befits us, that we may be prepared to receive his grace.   So, because the sacraments of his grace are principally set before us around the Paschal feast, right before the Paschal solemnity we have the Lenten fast.   This is also because spring, which begins then, is the most apt of seasons for concupiscence; and because the Lenten fast signifies that we arrive at the glory of resurrection through the difficulties of this present life, as also Christ did through his passion. (Super Sent., lib. 4 d. 15 q. 3 a. 3 qc. 1 ad 3)

Perhaps it is a stretch, but one is tempted to see the “four senses” at work here:  literally, we prepare for Easter; allegorically, Lent reminds us of  Christ’s fast in the wilderness; morally, Lent combats concupiscence; anagogically, Lent points to the eschatological orientation of our lives.

As nearly always happens, St. Thomas‘ old-calendar feast day (March 7) falls early in Lent this year.   The Aquinas Institute plans to celebrate by giving away an  Opera Omnia  set worth over $2,500.   There is still time to enter the drawing!

There are THREE ways to enter:

1) Subscribe to our blog (using the Subscribe button on the top-right) between now and March 7th for one entry. 2) Share our post about the drawing (using one of the “Share this” buttons below the post) between now and March 7th to receive one entry per share. 3)  Donate  between now and March 7th to receive one entry per dollar.

The winner will be notified on March 7th and arrangements will be made to deliver the first 18 volumes immediately, and the rest as they are published.

Have a blessed Lent!

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