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One week to go before the drawing...

March 7th is coming up in one week! Make sure you are on the mailing list so that you will be in the drawing: seven lucky winners will receive their choice of an Aquinas Institute book.

As an added bonus, those who have donated between January 28th and March 7th will be given one more entry in the drawing per $10 donated.

Our new Aquinas Opera Omnia page lists all of the volumes that are in print, as well as those yet to come. You can sort them by publication date, or you can sort them by volume number and see which parts of the set are complete and ready to order.

In addition, you can now download samples of each set from the Opera Omnia Page, including the front matter and the first few pages of a volume in that set.

Special Drawing Exclusively for Donors

We are adding a special drawing for those who have donated between January 28th and March 7th. Each $10 donated will also qualify for a drawing to win a complete set of the Old Testament Commentaries of Thomas Aquinas, including:

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