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Big news for the Aquinas Institute‘s 10th Anniversary

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

When the Aquinas Institute was founded in 2008, we built on a strong foundation. We had a deep background in St. Thomas Aquinas, years of experience translating medieval Latin, and a passion for our mission: to make the texts of Aquinas available as widely as possible in high quality, bilingual editions. We also knew how to leverage technology. We soon built the best tools available for translation editing, and we used the same tools to make Aquinas‘s texts available online for free in a bilingual, searchable format. We even pioneered a new approach to bilingual ebooks.

But the world of paper publishing was new to us. We learned slowly about printers, paper, binding, distribution, marketing, customer service, and everything else that gets the text from our database into your hands. All of that is crucial to our mission, but not what we are best at. Over the years, negotiating with printers and attending to lost packages has taken time away from our real strengths.

So we are genuinely excited to announce a partnership with the up-and-coming publishing powerhouse Emmaus Academic, a branch of the St. Paul Center in Steubenville, Ohio. Their team of experts will print and distribute the Opera Omnia series, and their staff—larger and more experienced than ours—will take over customer service. This will get the works of Aquinas out to a much larger audience, and at the same time it will free up the Aquinas Institute to do what we do best: research, translate, edit, and format the texts of Aquinas for publication. We can offer even higher-quality texts at a faster pace than ever! We can‘t imagine a better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our founding.

We have spent the past two months transferring books, unplugging our systems from our previous distributor, and plugging them into the St. Paul Center‘s system. All of our current publications are now for sale at the St. Paul Center‘s site. To celebrate the partnership, you can get any Aquinas Institute title for 20% off for a limited time – plus, log in or create an account to get free shipping! Spread the word!

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